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Завдання з англійської мови для учнів групи №14. Контроль навичок аудіювання.

Оливко Н.Я. Завдання з англійської мови для учнів групи №14,   (згідно розкладу )    Тема . Контроль навичок   аудіювання.

Підручник: О. Карп’юк .  Англійська  мова  10 клас .  Рівень  стандарту https://pidruchnyk.com.ua/425-anglyska-mova-karpyuk-10-klas.html

Завдання : Аудіододаток: https://www.libra-terra.com.ua/na-dopomohu-vchyteliu/audiododatky/

Виконати  вправу 3 (стор.163)-письмово  Виконанні  завдання відсилати на ел. пошту: nataliyaolyvko@gmail.com

                                           Тема . Контроль навичок   читання.

Завдання : Read the text. Match choices (A—G) to (1—6). There is one extra choice.


In China, food and its preparation has been developed so highly that it has reached the status of an art form. Rich and poor, the Chinese people consider (1) ____. There is an old Chinese saying “Food is the first necessity of the people”.

This art has been cultivated and refined over hundreds of years. Le­gend has it that the culture of Chinese cuisine originated in the 15th cen­tury BC during the Shang dynasty and was originally introduced by Yi Yin, it’s first Prime Minister.

The two dominant philosophies of Chinese culture both had extreme in­fluences on the political and economic history of the country but it is less well known (2) _____.

Confucius emphasized the artistic and social aspects of cookery and eating. The Chinese don’t gather together without involving food — it is considered to be poor etiquette (3) ____.

Confucius established standards of cooking and table etiquette, most of which remain to this day. The most obvious example of this is the cutting of bite-sized pieces of meat and vegetables during the course of the food preparation in the kitchen, rather than using a knife at the table which is not considered to be good manners.

Confucius also encouraged the blending of ingredients and flavourings (4) _____  tasting the individual components. Harmony was his priority. He believed and taught that without harmony of ingredients there could be no taste. He also emphasized the importance of presentation and the use of col­our, texture and decoration of a dish. Most importantly, (5) _____ a task to be endured and certainly he was instrumental in promulgating the philosophy of “live to eat” rather than “eat to live”.

On the other hand, Tao encouraged research into the nourishment as­pects of food and cookery. Rather than concentrating on taste and appear­ance, Taoists were more interested in the life-giving properties of food.

Centuries on, the Chinese have discovered the health-giving properties of all sorts of roots, herbs, fungus and plants. They have taught the world (6) _____ and in addition have found that things with a great flavour also have medicinal value.

Home cooked Chinese food is extremely healthy, even though much of it is fried. This is due to the use of polyunsaturated oils (used only once and discarded) and the exclusion of dairy products. In addition the inclusion of animal fat is minimal because portions of meat are small.

A to become a cohesive dish, rather than

B that the nutritional value of vegetables is destroyed by over-cooking (particularly boiling)

C that they also influenced the development of the culinary arts.

D that delicious and nutritious food is a basic necessity.

E as extremely sweet cuisine

F to invite friends to your home without providing appropriate food.

G cooking became an art rather than

  Виконанні  завдання відсилати на ел. пошту: nataliyaolyvko@gmail.com

Тема:Контроль навичок письма.

Choose any topic you like and write an essay.

Who is responsible for the fact that a lot of children are less healthy nowadays: school, parents or children themselves?

Which of the following arguments may you use to express reason and to show result in your composition? Put them into two groups. You may add your own ideas.

• They don’t serve the right food in the school.

• Parents give us chips, hamburgers and pizza.

• Parents do not exercise themselves.

• There’s little time to prepare healthier meals.

• They only sell chocolate and cakes.

• My friend has a disease because of an unhealthy diet.

• Children have no good example.

• Kids lost interest in keeping themselves fit; they don’t try to eat heal­thily or exercise.

• Parents don’t give their children enough fruit and vegetables.

reason / cause result / effect

Your pen friend wrote you a letter where he / she told you about his / her plans for the future. Answer your pen friend’s letter and tell him / her about your plans for the future, opportunities you have to continue your education. Express your opinion about the professions you may choose.

My best memories.

• Describe emotions you felt when you found yourself in high school (10­-11  forms).

• Do you remember any school events with admiration / regret? What school event will remain in your memory? Why?

• Are you going to keep in touch with your classmates after school? what are your further life-plans? Do you think about your school years with regret?

  Виконанні  завдання відсилати на ел. пошту: nataliyaolyvko@gmail.com

Тема . Контроль навичок   говоріння.

Завдання :

Choose any of the following topics and speak of it.

Some people think that Ukrainians don’t think much about their health. Tell your foreign friend what you do to be healthy. Give reasons and examples.

1) Do you think you have a healthy life style?

2) What is healthy food?

3) Do you pay much attention to what you eat?

4) Do you think it is more important for you to eat healthy or tasty food?

5) Do you think diets are useful or not?

6) Have you ever tried to go on a diet?

7) Is physical activity (jogging, going to a gym, swimming pool) an impor­tant part of a healthy life style?

What is a disaster?

1) Have you ever been in a disaster?

2) What are some different kinds of disasters?

3) What kind of disasters are common in your country?

4) What is disaster insurance?

5) Do most people have it?

6) Are there ways we can prepare ourselves in advance to cope with disas­ters?

7) How are the problems solved after a disaster?

8) If you had the power to stop a natural disaster that has happened in the past, which would you choose? Why?

9) What is the difference between natural disasters and manmade disas­ters?

10) Can you name a few of each type?

11) Where do these usually often occur?

12) Do some natural disasters occur repeatedly in the same area?

13) Do many people live in these areas?

14) What are examples of manmade disasters?

15) What examples are there of natural disasters?

16) What kind of damage can occur in each case?

Do you or did you ever like painting?

1) Are you good at painting?

2) Do you think modern artists are good at painting?

3) What style or period of painting / art do you like?

4) What do you think of people who are very good at painting?

5) Do you think painting is an important school subject?

6) Do you prefer artists from your country or those from others?

7) Do you prefer oils, water colours, sketches or another medium?

8) What do paintings mean to you?

9) Why is painting and art so important to us?

10) Do you like watching children paint?

11) Have you ever been emotionally moved because of a painting?

12) What do you think artists from centuries ago would think of today’s artists?

13) Would you consider investing money in a painting? Do you think art is a good investment?

14) What do people think about when they look at paintings in galleries?

Is technology a good or a bad thing?

1) What new technology could you not live without?

2) Do you like using technology to learn?

3) What do you think very old people think of modern technology?

4) How have communication technologies changed society?

5) Has technology made us more impatient?

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